Data Recovery from Samsung HD160HJ Paragon

Data recovery from Samsung HD160HJ Paragon. A storage disc is not defined in BIOS.

Samsung Paragon printed circuit board
Samsung Paragon printed circuit board

These storage discs are relatively new; they are available on sale and at the stores. I saw a damaged Paragon storage disc for the first time in my practice. At power on a spindle engine accelerated the disc, retracted a run-in head and soon after that unwanted weak chatter started with a rather long interval between raps. It resembled the Samsung Palo defect diagnosis pattern, there could be either a head defect or damaged service area disc surface. As soon as the disc was connected to the diagnostic terminal, it was clear, that neither of heads defined the disc servomarks. Either mr-elements, or commutator failed. Somehow or other, the only way of information recovery is replacement of head assembly.

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