How to find spare parts for HDD data recovery


I have to swap heads, for recovery data, of the same drive as Andrew (first one, down on this page), the Toshiba mk5059gsxp, so I found your answer to him, that states that it's enough to find any mk5059gsxp from ebay, if I understood it correctly.
But somewhere else I've read that to find a donor made in the same country as the one I have, in this case the drive is Made in Thailand. So what is the truth? Can I simply get any mk5059gsxp made from anywhere else, or should I find the one made in the same country as mine?
I'm looking for a quick answer, thanks in advance.

Asked: Ranmamez, 24 мая 2018 г.


Some times for successful data recovery process from hard dis drives need to swap heads operations. But heads replacement is the less, then half of job. Before heads swap need to check mr-elements and surfaces. After hedas swap need to know, how to initializing HDD`s techno-mode, because some times we received HDD from different persons, who tried to data recovery, put compatible heads and couldn`t init drive.

That is a reason why need to do data recovery only with professional helps, otherwise you have to risk lost your data forever.

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