Data Recovery Seattle WA

E-man data recovery in Seattle WA is my data recovery partner in the United States of America. This company is capable of advanced data recovery from very difficult cases, in many situations recovering the data for other Data Recovery companies Nationwide.
Data Recovery Seattle

E-man Data Recovery is not serving only Seattle Area and Washington State but also servicing all areas of the United States. The main activity of this company is saving lost data after other data recovery shops attempted to recover it but were not successful. Usually they receive opened HDD in very bad conditions, with finger prints on surfaces, scratches, missing components and so on.

Data recovery from any HDD

This data recovery company has a highly trained staff capable of advanced data recovery that ware returned by other recovery laboratories as unrecoverable. Also I've seen the latest technology in tools that ware used for retrieving data in very severe damaged hard drives (multiple scratched platters, flooded computers (hard disk drives was under river flood water after the Snohomish river flooded part of Snohomish, in one particular case was recovering the data from a laptop that was dropped from a boat in the Puget Sound in salt ocean water depth 40ft)

Data recovery from IPhone and IPad

Most of their data recovery successful cases on HDD drives and memory sticks ware from different storages, like repair SSD disks, recovery data from IPhone and IPad, saving lost files from different cell phones. This data recovery laboratory has experience in restoring the data from IPads after files was deleted and need to get that lost files back. Also it has advanced experience for retrieving the data from broken IPhones, which ware dropped and are unusable after being physically abused. The data recovery from that type of situation is possible only by getting direct access to the flash memory in the IPhone or IPad. Same type of access to the inside flash memory is needed in order to save the data from mobile phones.

Data recovery from flash cards and memory sticks

Often the customers bring in there flash drives, which were not recognized in Windows or other operation system, or were recognized with zero capacity or obviously wrong size. In some of those cases the memory storages had XOR transformation or encryption (modification) of the user data inside. To recover data from those cases they will research XOR or encryption key, in order to do that it is necessary to use specific tools that uses mathematic algorithm to recover the data from an encrypted external hard drive or memory flash that lost the original encryption key.

All works is done in clean room environment and the recovered data is stored on secured server without connection to local area network or internet also imaged hard drives are stored in a fire proof safe.

The security of the data is highly preserved due to the 24H schedule.

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402 Maple Avenue, Snohomish WA 98290