Hard disk drives recovery

Proposed services on HDD repair

    • Operability recovery of hard discs IDE ATA, SATA, SCSI, any models;
    • Current self diagnosis of good storage discs;
    • Recovery of file systems disturbed by virus or unskilled use;
    • Recovery of deleted files, access to data, coded by Windows means;
    • Recovery of injured office files, data base and other information;
    • Information recovery from unreadable CD (DVD)-R, CD (DVD)-RW;
    • Information recovery from faulty USB flash removed discs of any type;

Hard Drive Seagate, Maxtor hard drive HDD, repair faulty rebuilding broken HDD, data files

When sending your disc for repair put it into a special plastic packing, please.

In case of information recovery additional data is needed as follows: faulty carrier file system type, number and size of logical volumes, file type and name for recovery. This information can help for the most successful recovery.

In the Articles section you can regularly find news on current tasks on hard disc repair.

If your hard disc (storage) failed, and important information is lost - don't give way to despair. I can help you.