International file recovery service from faulty storages all over the world

So, a terrible thing has happened. The hard disc of your computer or notebook has failed. The flash-card is not defined in the card-reader. The raid array is recognized as separate stores from which no information can be read.

What should you do in such a situation? The answer is obvious - to search for the company specializing on the information recovery. Even fleeting glance on results given out by search engines at corresponding requests throws a person into confusion. A lot of companies promise fast and qualitative decision of your problem. Unfortunately, practice shows quite opposite approach to it.

In the "best" (the best, in comparison with more unpleasant variants) case the service center expert, who guaranteed you success speaking over the phone, will claim his powerlessness at facing a complex and rare failure, and suggest addressing to another expert.

In the "average" case several unsuccessful attempts of data recovery will make this task more difficult for more qualified experts.

Well and in the saddest variant of events evolution insufficiently qualified experts can finally put your data carrier out of action and aggravate a situation so, that the data cannot be recovered at all.

If you lost a very important information because of the carrier damage, you can communicate with me for free-of-charge consultation before addressing to your local company on the data recovery just to get an idea about a degree of your case complexity and possible problems with data recovery.

I emphasize that all distant consultations are free-of-charge, with my help you can choose a more qualified service at your area and save information and money of unqualified penetration.

Except for the aforesaid, it is necessary to note, that the cost of information recovery at your area can start from $ 700-900 up to several thousand dollars. I fix the price of data recovery in the most difficult case in $ 300-400 without cost of the donor disc (at the moment of distant diagnostics it is clear if such a disc is needed).

For many of you it can be a real revelation, but a lot of companies in the western Europe and America, having received a failed disc from the client, send it via DHL to experts to Russia, actually being intermediaries and receiving commission of over 100-200 % for it.

In Russian and English sections of my site I publish my own articles telling about the most interesting and difficult cases I had to deal with in my activity. Having read my materials you can make your own opinion on my professional level and a degree of tasks complexity I face daily. Just agree that it is better than to read the same advertising slogans of the overwhelming majority of companies like that: "We can do everything, call us now". In this case you deal with the high professional level engineer instead of unknown masters of featureless "XXX Company and Partners".

Having addressed to me, you receive an opportunity of qualified distant consultation, distant diagnostics (as far as it is possible depending on the case) and an opportunity to recover your data for essentially less money.

I am also interested in cooperation with other data recovery companies and look forward for their offers.

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