Data recovery from the broken storage Seagate ST3500630AS

Artem Makarov aka Robin

Data recovery from the storage Seagate ST3500630AS 7200.10 vol. 500 Gb. At power on, engine noisily accelerates, and position actuator raps against the stop. There are traces of hermetic zone unsealing.

My client said that he was at another repair shop, and an expert opened the disc. The expert was unaware of heads replacement, as their design was unusual for him. There are three massive plates in the platters set and six reading/recording heads. Unsealing in the clean room showed a gash in the parking area on the upper plate. Call to each of heads in the disc microprogram safe mode in enumerative technique revealed failures of all six heads, so I surmised about scratches on other plates, which could not be inspected visually. К тому же internal recirculation filter was clogged with fine-dyspersated dust.

Filter soils gloves with dustFilter soils gloves with dust

Having warned the client about possible expenditures and risks, I decided to dismantle plates of the set, having created conditions for further precise centering in the set along the axis with regard to each other. On the back side of the upper plate I found a scratch, another scratch was seen in the parking area. There is a protective plastic case under the plate so it is necessary to take it away to dismantle the second plate.

A middle disc plateA middle disc plate

The upper side of the second plate is also scratched and it is a reason of a corresponding head failure. The lower side of the plate is notched more seriously. The lower plate is also notched hard.

A lower disc plateA lower disc plate

Back side of a middle disc plateBack side of a middle disc plate

Back side of a lower disc plateBack side of a lower disc plate

Scratches are located in the parking area as well as in the store internal microprogram place. Information recovery in such case is a very hard procedure. A range of donor discs of less volume and less number of heads is needed to minimize expenditures.

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