HDD VB0250EAVER p/n 9SL131-842 repair and recovery

Artem Makarov aka Robin
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To a Moscow company advertising data recovery services a RAID array was brought, it was assembled on Seagate SATA drives produced on request of Hewlett Packard. Nominally disks were ST3250318AS p/n 9SL131-842 with microprogram version HPG7 but it is identified as HDD VB0250EAVER in drive ID.

Failed disk HP VB0250EAVER (Seagate)

Failed disk HP VB0250EAVER (Seagate)

One of array disks did not rotate spindle motor when power was on. Specialists of the company changed the board to surely correct one, they soldered original ROM but the problem remained, thus a conclusion of ROM chip failure was made. That is why the company management came to conclusion to pass the array to a real professional J

I set to work. According to diagnosis carried out on my own failure was located, for some incomprehensible reason in title of original ROM just one bit was shifted! Such trifle is able to wreck the whole array.

With correct board and foreign ROM terminal gave a message:

Rst 0x08M No HOST FIS-ReadyStatusFlags 2002A185

To verify the result I decided to transfer original read adaptive parameter to undoubtedly correct ROM. Writing ROM and applying power to sealed zone board I got completely operating hard drive with data available to copy.

Package Version: PH0GCD.HPD4.KD038C.HPG7 , Package P/N: 100685582, Package Builder ID: P9, Package Build Date: 08/10/2011, Package Build Time: 14:33:09, Package CFW Version: PH0G.HPD4.00380604.P900, Package SFW1 Version: DC89, Package SFW2 Version: ----, Package SFW3 Version: ----, Package SFW4 Version: ---- Controller FW Rev: 08101433, CustomerRel: HPG7, Changelist: 00380604, ProdType: PH0G.HPD4, Date: 08/10/2011, Time: 143309, UserId: 00410638 Servo FW Rev: DC89 RAP FW Implementation Key: 10, Format Rev: 0001, Contents Rev: A1 0A 1B 03

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