How to fix bearing jamming in the Seagate HDD storages

Artem Makarov aka Robin

One of the most frequent problems of modern hard drives is spindle engine shaft jamming. There are especially many Seagate hard discs, so popular in our country, that come to my workshop for data recovery because of this failure. Seagate 7200.9 ST3160211AS HDD is bright for information recovery. At power on it starts to buzz in the hermetical zone and is not recognized by BIOS. Such a wreck can be a result of mechanical effect on the hard drive (a strike, a fall and so on), or a factory defect of a hard drive.

HDD hermetical zone with the spindle engine shaft jamming

HDD hermetical zone with the spindle engine shaft jamming

The bearing jamming often becomes complicated by the burned-out chip as it tries to accelerate the engine and has load increment resulting in temperature rise and the chip failure. Replacement of the printed circuit board for a serviceable one in such a case may result to one more burned-out chip.

A donor disc is needed for data recovery to install plates of the defective HDD into its hermetical zone. The operation is complicated as it demands posterior plates centering because any shaft micro shift can interfere with heads correct positioning on the servomarking.

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