Broken Samsung MP0402H Magma Laptop Hard Drive 2,5"

Artem Makarov aka Robin

One more data recovery case. This time a Samsung MP0402H notebook hard drive 2,5" is not defined in the system. At power on engine is not accelerated. This problem is quite usual for this model range of Samsung hard drives. A printed circuit board failure affects hermetical zone workability. To get access to the data I should repair PCB first of all. Then I can start to repair all consequences of defects, occurred in the storage hermetical zone.

Opened Samsung Magma hermetical unitOpened Samsung Magma hermetical unit

About a year ago these storage discs began to appear in my repair shop for data recovery and repair, a printed circuit board defect was not obvious. One day I received such a disc for repair and data recovery. I took all the information off and recorded it on the DVD, then checked it with help of the erase+read disc and gave a repaired disc to the client. In two days the disc was brought to me again for a warranty repair as it did not work well. It was the same problem. I decided to test all the components thoroughly. The test showed the same failure. I was ready to repair a commutator, but some other repairmen being in contact on Skype advised me to check a PCB.

Samsung Magma printed circuit boardSamsung Magma printed circuit board

It really turned out that defects of MHA control stud system resulted in regular hermetic zone failure. As soon as I repaired the printed circuit board, the storage disc ran successfully, and it works to present day.

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shoaib khan
04 september 2019, 12:52

Hey, I'm a long time fan and reader of your blog, first-time commenter. Just wanted to say this post really hit home with the stuff I've been looking into. Thanks, man.