USB flash disc is burned-out file recovery

Artem Makarov aka Robin

Everyone knows that hunting for a good expert is a hard task. The size of salary does not influence hands efficiency.

There is a common error that good salary provides good work. I do not agree with this idea at all! If an idiot is given a 2-pound gold bar, he won't get better brains.

My prelude concerns the following situation. One of the companies hired a system administrator (maybe, even several system administrators). That computer genius was given a task to upgrade a system board unit. Task was given, so they replaced a motherboard for a new one, mounted it in a case together with a new processor, and then recovered OS. But not everything went off swimmingly. When a USB removed disc was connected to USB slot on the front panel, it simply burned out. A "handy" system administrator confused polarity at slot commutation to the motherboard. As is the custom, the removed disc contained very important information, so the y came to me for help

A removed disc consists of a controller and a memory chip. A standard method of data recovery from such a carrier is in the memory chip unsoldering, reading its content at the programmer, and then the most complicated task is to interpret the dump into a correct logicality.

USB Removed Disc Controller

USB Removed Disc Controller

The problem is that data is written in the memory chip not in linear sequence but in the block logicality. The dump read in linear sequence turns out to be just a mix of data fragments that only a controller algorithm or a skilled and patient service engineer can put together into a single whole, as with the help of analytical procedure he can recover the order of logical translation.

The procedure is long, laborious, demanding special skills, knowledge, equipment and software. Data recovery in this case cost over a hundred euros.

P.S. If you hire an employee and he says proudly that he is a system administrator, you should think hard.

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