Recovery of spilled with liquid DELL notebook

Artem Makarov aka Robin

For sure, people dealing with computer are quite different. But all of them have common features. One of them is a habit to eat meal and take favourite drinks without stirring a step from the electronic friend.

The habit sometimes leads to bad consequences, not only that a keyboard is always dropped with crumbs, but any clumsy movement becomes a reason of spilling tea, coffee or beer on the most sensitive places of a computer.

The most unpleasant things happen with notebooks. Once a client (on my friend's recommendation) brought to me a luxurious DELL notebook, with a yellow cover, generously washed with sweet tea.

DELL notebook, spilled with liquid

DELL notebook, spilled with liquid

After a tea rain the user showed uncommon competency. I insist that all users should add the consequence of actions to their arsenal. In 3 seconds the accumulator was disconnected from the notebook. Everything that could be wiped was wiped away with a piece of soft cloth. And then he immediately started to search for an expert who could dismantle a notebook and obviate consequences of liquid spilling inside the device. The sooner it was done the better was the probability to help with small losses.

In that case tea spilled a keyboard together with a metal platform under it, a bit of tea spilled the system board and, strange though it might seem, a hard drive section. Liquid traces were wiped away with isopropyl alcohol; inside the storage I saw a wet printed circuit board and a lining between the board and the hermetic zone. I wiped the printed circuit boar with alcohol, and a lining had to be washed and then dried.

Cleaned with alcohol and dismantled notebook was getting dry for a night, and in the morning, after assembling, it worked as usual.

Summary: be careful!

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